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 I look out the window today and write this in a word document since there is no online access with the storm. The spruce trees are bent over in a precarious game of how far can we bend until we break and for some they may break but for others they can bend with the storm and as soon as it blows over stand strong again.

Life is this storm. We will have situations that blow us over but it is how far we can bend and adapt to the storm that determines if we survive it to see another day or break in half. Trusting yourself is so very important to survive. Ironically, the sun shines while the wind blows at a dangerous speed. Funny, everything looks like it should be okay but it’s not. Sometimes that is how life is. Everything seems sunny but there is a storm blowing that threatens to destroy everything.

We as humans have to learn that stress, storms, setbacks are part of life and that with each one a lesson is waiting on the sidelines to be discovered. Instead of failure we can embrace learning. Accept what we are given and be grateful for it good, bad or indifferent. I will have many storms myself in life to face yet, and the one’s I have already been through we’re wealth’s of information and learning.

The analogy of using workouts as controlled condition storms to prepare for the real storms of life is so true. Each time you push in a workout to a place you don’t think you will get through or finish but complete anyways you obtain a small victory. Enough victories help to empower us to a new way of seeing ourselves and life, sometimes they are even enough to see ourselves as a success regardless of what the scale says or what society says we should be.


(80 mph winds on the top of Mt. Rainier in above picture!)


Developing the power inside you…

50 squats

50 pushups

50 burpees

50 lunges

50 mountain climbers (25/leg)

50 plank hand to elbow (25/side)

50 jump squats

50 crunches

50 jumping jacks

50 seconds wall sit

How many victories can you achieve? 1, 2, 3 rounds? And if you can’t get through one round work up to this and believe you can get there! Start with 10 or 25 of each if you have to make your workouts and life a success for you!!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Are you joining the 200 Challenge?

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ilivelifenow Logo brighter 

I love learning from clients. For example today we all know that January is the month of new exciting goals, resolutions and plans to become this or that. Climb Everest or walk around the block every day someone somewhere is planning something this time of year!

How do you avoid the dreaded downfall or regression out of your new found wonderful habits? Adding to your life instead of feeling as though you are just putting in time is one way.

So, it is January 13th, 2014. There are 50 weeks left in the year 2014! If you exercise, workout, sweat, intentionally expend energy for 20 minutes or more at an intensity that challenges your fitness level each time for 4X/week you will have accomplished 200 workouts by the end of this year!

Join my client! Feel empowered instead of frustrated. Buy yourself a journal, log online or whatever is most convenient for you and start writing it down.

Sample Journal Entry:

#1 Workout Jan 13th: Lifted weights today for 45 minutes.

#2 Workout Jan 15th: Treadmill workout 30 minutes.

#3 Workout Jan 17th: Bootcamp 1 hour

#4 Workout Jan 19th: Lifted weights 30 minutes

End of Week #1!

#5 Workout Jan 21, 2014: Run 45 minutes

This doesn't have to be in depth or overwhelming. What we are missing from our lives with fitness is focus and consistency. If you miss a workout in one week you now understand that you have 5 workouts the next week.

Make these types of goals attainable for yourself, if you can't commit to 4x/week try 3x/week then you are committed to a 150 workout year!

Do it! I know you can. Do it now, don't wait!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



How To Lose Weight And Be Great!

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Ten step program:

1. Move more or perhaps with more intent (workout with purpose not to put in time)

2. Eat more (whole food, real unprocessed food)

3. Eat more and stop believing you have to be hungry and unnourished to lose weight

4. Intensify your workouts (only possible with enough food and fuel)

5. Sleep more (less than 7 hours a night is not helping you recover)

6. Stress less (track your home, work, life stress and note those days which you eat worse is directly correlated)

7. Set yourself free (stop weighing yourself every day, it is self defeating, once every two weeks at most)

8. Breathe (rush rush rush, in the middle of the rush take two big deep breathes to calm the mind)

9. Pack your own food and prepare (you cannot nourish the body by eating out no matter how hard you try)

10. Realize that this is not a one month race, you can drop weight but the real trick is to keep it off? Incorporate choices that are sustainable for the rest of your life! Example: Eating well 90% of the time and having 10% leeway to indulge in other choices.

Oh, by the weigh (pun intended) you don't have to lose weight to be great. You see we keep thinking if we lose weight our life will be better, not so much. 

Losing weight is a by product of making daily choices, creating habits while others react to situations and claim they have no choice. You always have a choice. It is Remembrance Day soon and those soldiers fought for this right to have a choice for freedom and we forget that we have free choice perhaps too much free choice that leaves us confused and overwhelmed with choices.

Those that focus on a weight number goal eventually give up or get there then give in because it was not sustainable. Listen to your body, watch your body transform as you grow stronger instead of beating it up to a pulp of weakness. It has been 11 years since I lost weight after my kids and although at first I dipped into that lower range of weight eventually 10 lbs above that is where my body and mind is the happiest. I could keep fighting to drop lower but guess what? No wine on Friday's, no evening pizza with the kids once in a while. 

Your kids are watching, paying attention to what you do. They in the end don't care if you weigh 35 lbs more or less than you are now, what they do pay attention to is how you talk to yourself, about yourself and what you are doing to look after yourself. The kids that come to boot camp are still doing burpees in the living room at home which makes my heart sing! The example set to them is clear; take the time to do something for yourself and your body.

Create a love for life and yourself, treat yourself kindly like you would a stranger on the street you would help if they fell down. We so easily bash ourselves for not doing this or coming up short in that but in the end we need to realize that we are all human. And being human starts with treating yourself with kindness and compassion. Losing weight by hating your body into it will not result in a great body it results in a messed up mind and body that eventually will rebel trust me I have watched it over and over. 

Sorry, there's no flashy marketing system attached to my ten step program, there won't be those "amazing" before and after pictures but then again we don't see the after "after" picture a year later when those great programs deliver the extra 30 lbs back on you lost with the quick fix.

I understand there are success stories with those programs but most often times they transitioned to the above ten step program after they lost their weight the first time. There is many magic pills and potions out there but in the end it there is me, myself and I to depend on for success. 

Become the best you whether that is where it is at right now, 10 lbs up or 50 lbs down. However, ensure that it is in a supportive role not your worst enemy. Strength is empowering, it is more than just muscle. Knowing you are strong and fit becomes engrained in your soul and offers you opportunities you never imagined before. Strength is freedom. Being skinny for the sake of dropping weight is a prison, a self torturing prison you can never escape until you taste a little freedom.

Walk, run, climb, crawl, bike, hike, ski, snowshoe, snowboard, lift, swim, yoga, pilate, spin or dance. I don't care what you do to find a way to create some type of fitness in your life you never know what you might like until you try it. Raise your hand if you have said to me personally "I don't like running" and now do. My biggest thrill is when I run into a past client and they tell me they ran a half marathon this past summer or went hiking with their family something they never even entertained before but now "like" it.

What you will discover is as you like more things in life you never imagined possible, you start to like yourself even more along with it.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking 





Joy Kill

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Do you ever sometimes read a statement that hits home so deeply it sticks with you forever?



Read that again and really think about it. Does it not strike you the lack of moralality, kindness and patience in today's world could perhaps be all from our overindulgence and comfort level being in a false state of "happiness" all the time that there is no growth as a person to become brave and patient through hardships?

I can attest that my own patience level increase after watching my mom suffer a slow death, bravery definitely up a couple notches. Whatever I thought I knew about bravery before was amplified tenfold after. Personal experience aside do you not find the self serving, overly important attitude being projected nowadays is a direct reflection of the lack of personal growth we garner from being uncomfortable? 

Not all people are created equal and how we each react to overstress and pressure in life is different, some crumble, others become more determined and on the flip side some bury it and try to stuff it down only to create other problems in different parts of their life later. 

Other than actually surviving crisises in our lives how do we create bravery and patience? Why are quick fixes so readily available and bought? Because they fix your problem now even if it creates more problems later the now is so appealing. Daily mundane choices are never as exciting as instant gratification saying no to ourselves whether it be food, shopping, drinking or any other vice. When it becomes overwhelming and harmful to our lives that great rush at the time is followed by shame after. 

Actually making conscious choices that perhaps others don't understand and being true to ourselves with our word is key to creating patience and bravery. Pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone is what helps us understand more about ourselves every day. 

Lately I've been trying to put it into context for clients and others; if you run one mile a day for the year adding up to 365 miles you've had a great year of steady improvement or maintenance in your health. If you decide to run 365 miles on only one day of the year you are not contributing to your health but actually harming yourself. This is a perfect example of how small daily choices add up to positive benefits but one big dump of it isn't so great! 

The pride that comes from keeping our promise to ourselves of working out today, eating better, finishing that project, doing our best at our job whatever it may be is far deeper than just superficial good feelings. Keeping those promises day after day contribute to our well being and with it confidence in ourselves and our abilities to push through difficult times if and when they may come.

Those times come people trust me, sooner or later they will come just as the sun rises each day. Big, little, giant, small in any form these challenges will rear their head; are you ready? Have you created paths of success for yourself currently in your life to handle them by creating bravery and patience in your life now? 

The following is just the first few paragraphs of the story of what happened nearly two years ago now. I'm not even close to the only person in the world who has faced difficult situations and mine may even seem minor compared to yours but the fact is when we act together, support each other and share our experiences we again become stronger.

Time Warped

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Time ticks along, looking back over the last year it is getting harder to fathom it has been a year already since I was at home not working in my profession but at a different job I loved. A year since time stood still, time clips along so quickly that we just seem to bounce from day to day wondering when it will slow down.

In a different time warp I was at my husband's great grandma's 107th birthday on the weekend! It seems inconceivable to me that his grandma's mother is still alive and his father's grandmother is still alive as well most of the family is still well given how large it is. If you want to wonder how to slow time down visit a nursing home or elderly care community, time seems pretty slow there and I thought to myself if I could pick death it would be my own grandmother's. She woke up excited getting ready for a cruise in the upcoming week while eating breakfast at the age of 80 she had a heart attack; end of story. No suffering, no long term care, no pain it was a peaceful death although it was the first person close to me I had pass away at the age of 18.

I watched with great interest the aging process at the home great grandma was in over the past weekend and time is not kind. The greatest gift Jenny said is not being in pain at a 107 years of age, wow. I know people a third of her age that are in pain every day. With age as our bodies shut down by simply wearing out I'm sure they must pine for some things in life we took for granted at one point or another.

Getting up quickly out of our chair, picking up items easily, walking on our own and the plethora of other important daily activities we assume will continue on indefinitely. Yet, as we continue in this life of comfort and luxury with the abscence of hard physical work anymore our bodies are aging quicker in one sense than those who worked harder before us. Our lack of movement is slowly killing us physically and mentally.

We are an intelligent species that has been capable of developing machines and easy ways out of manual labour, as well as easy ways to lose weight. What I believe is that we do not develop as individuals without a little suffering or difficulty in our life. A bit of stress in our life is what fuels us to better things. The need for food, shelter and money is what ensures you go to work each day to provide these essentials for a good life. Somehow we have confused what we need with what we deserve, and thousands of young people are staying sheltered under their parents wing to keep it easy for them. There is no worries about if you don't work you won't have food, someone will cover for you or help you. Suffering can be good, and sometimes we should suffer a little to appreciate what we have in the future.

Working hard during workouts and eating moderately for what works for our bodies garners so many attributes far deeper than just losing weight. The accomplishment you feel after a hard workout is very important for your own confidence and will transfer throughout your whole life. Learning to suffer a little while working out teaches you a mental strength that will allow you to survive when you believe you should break. You realize you don't break you just get stronger just like your muscles each time you lift weights.

I struggle right now the most with suffering, you see our avoidance of suffering is innate but the problem is when you constantly avoid suffering of any kind you do not grow as a person to become who you are meant to be. Ask anyone who has gone through really difficult times if they would trade it back for the person they were? Most times they say no. I agree, there is no trading in of any of the hard times I've faced and my hard times are what I could handle because there are a lot of people with much harder times than myself and until I am faced with that situation there is no knowing if you can handle them but guess what? Most times with a positive attitude you can make it through anything, even hell.

Why do some others survive and thrive in harsh conditions and others can be given everything yet refuse to succeed? 

Watching my own mom suffer unimaginable pain and agony was a life lesson, I wish deep down I could have taken it away from her but by seeing her response to it in such a brave and kind manner it has taught me lessons and strength well beyond my real age. Not learning and retaining these lessons from situations you cannot change is a waste of that persons suffering. 

As the fog lifts it is clear that all growth occurs with suffering it's whether you use it as an excuse and roadblock for life or you simply find a way around it or over!


Personally, I am proud of the things I suffered through the most and came out the other side. Whether it is a hard run, difficult situation or tough times you remember fondly how hard it was and recognize you are in a better place now thankful for it.

Sheltering yourself from these situations is the fastest way to warp time and stay stuck where you are...

Whether it's your body or mind we need to push it out of it's comfort zone to move forward.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking






Silently Swearing

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Lately I haven't had a lot to say or should I say haven't had a lot I want to say, I read a quote that I posted on my newsletter that said:

Those who know don't tell,

Those who tell don't know.

If you want to know what people believe stop listening to what they're saying and watch their actions. Yes, we all know you want to run a race, eat better or get "healthier", join the masses who proclaim this; the problem is our actions speak louder than words. 

Sometimes the loudest person isn't necessarily the provider of truth and should I say truth for your life! Why we keep believing the flashiest loudest pushiest seller of anything I will never know. Want to turn me away quickly from anything? Promise me it's the best, your the best or anything of the kind.

In my brain I am saying bull**** and you have officially lost any chance of me buying anything from you or listening to what you are saying.

See here is where I lose respect for so many people and maybe why as I age I become quieter and quieter all the time, when you say one thing then do another I'm done. Done as dinner. Your chance to have valid input into my life is over. 

I may listen, nod and even smile but those words just go in and out my ears.

Every day in my job I have to combat office hearsay that so and so said this is the best food, diet, workout etc. Guess what? Take stock of who is telling you what, does their actions match their words? Does their health match their words? Is their body and health where you want to be? 

Suzie told me to not eat carbs, fat is bad, nuts are good, carrots make you fat cause of the sugar. Of course they do. IT's all true isn't it? Eat tuna to look young but then don't eat it because the mercury will kill you.

Good grief STOP!!

What works for MY body will not work for YOUR body, I can help with tips and tricks that may work for you and trust me no one knows your body better than you. Listen to it! Although sometimes the problem is we have been puppets on a string of misinformation for so long our bodies don't even know what to do anymore things that used to be so innate to us are lost in the world of fast food and flash diets.

If you would like to know what the best workout is here's the answer: The one you can continue for life! Not one month or one year but forever.

What's the best maintenance diet? There's no such thing as maintenance what you worked so hard for must continue for life to keep you there or guess what? Back up in weight and out of shape you go and if your goal was unrealistic I can promise you will revert a little. We all have a weight that our bodies can maintain for life and it's not always the number you have programmed in your head. What if you could maintain just 10 lbs above it forever but instead you punish your body down below that only to disappoint yourself by not being able to stay there and then reverse right back up 30 lbs over that? This is where we fail our bodies, they keep giving us so much, forgiving us for punishing it and yet it is never good enough just a little more...

Maintenance is a ghost everyone is chasing. Lose the weight then maintain, nope actually you have to work harder to maintain your weight because with each pound you lose the less calories you burn while exercising and the less you burn at rest. 

For all those who are promising they have the answer I can say one thing for sure I know is that I do not. I have an answer for what works for me and I can help you find what works for you but there is not one answer for all bodies or people. We are all different for a reason.

As much as we are different we are all the same, starve the body and you will lose weight. As my mom used to say no one on Survivor gains weight while on the island. No one said they feel good or look healthy either.

Skinny has become such an all or nothing obsession that we forget strong is the real winner.

Some of the best emails and texts have been from clients and friends who started to get it and realized that they could run with their kids, out run their kids or keep up in situations they never dreamed possible. That is empowering, just being skinny is just that skinny. Empowered, strong and ready for a life fulfilled is what garners the most rewards that others can't quantify for you by saying oh you look so good losing all that weight. Having a silent pat on the back for yourself in those moments no one sees or knows about are so special and not needing external approval creates self-approval which is far more powerful.

I have some clients who don't look a stitch different from training but they could list off for you all the positives in their life verses the string of negatives regarding their bodies and lives they had before. That is success starting to change our thinking slowly to be our own champion in life. Change your mind, change your body. That is truth since our lives all begin with mind. Dream it, think it and do it. BUT you have to put thoughts into action for success.

Listening to my body I plan to do more yoga this month. I really feel the deep need for that peace, strength and stretching to become my best right now.

What are you listening to?

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking









Stop Saying STOP!!

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Today's blog may not be about fitness per say but it is about empowerment. Just saying we have to stop doing things is not enough.

This thought stemmed from reading over and over and over the "Stop bullying" propoganda that is everywhere whether Facebook, tv, schools etc it is rampant. Saying stop bullying is the equivilent to say stopping a freight train without brakes, it's not going to happen.

Let's reflect on past history, there always has and always will be someone who wants a position of power and prowess through making others feel small, period. It is not going to "stop".

What can change is you, your re(action) to this and how you allow people to treat you. In kindergarten I'll never forget my 5 year old son who if any of you know seems pretty meek and mild mannered. He had a kid in grade three by the t-shirt ready to punch him. Whoa...I was appauled that he did this as I was parent helper that day but from a young age we have told our kids over and over: "If you don't start it but you stand up for yourself you will never get in trouble from us, if you start it be worried to come home."

As I ran over to stop the carnege with the teacher I asked him what he was doing and he said that this kid threatened his best friend and was going to hurt him so he stood up to him. Wow! Kindergarten taking on a grade three kid for his best buddy. Yup, I was proud.

Start teaching our kids to not take "bullying" from others, start teach ourselves to not take garbage from others in our life, pick people who support you not belittle you and start teaching kids that they don't have to believe everything they are told by others including teachers or adults. Many a kid was told they were not going to be something and that was proven wrong. Whose life is it to define anyways? Ours and ours alone no one else!

It's the same with health and fitness; just saying stop eating this to yourself is self-defeating. Instead empower yourself by saying I will start doing _________. It is far more beneficial to start something and feel as though you are adding to your life instead of taking away something. That's why I used to joke that instead of working out it should be called a "funin" cause who doesn't want more fun in their life? We all do!

Let's start teach our kids and ourselves that it's okay not to fit into the norm and we don't have to be punished for it, start teaching kids and ourselves to spread kindness. The people in the world who treat others badly don't have this support system to help them realize their actions are painful to others and they even think it's funny. We can blame parents all day long but at the end of the day it comes down to the respect we want to have towards ourselves. 

I read The Mastery Of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz and it changed how I thought immensely about my interaction with others. When someone feels bad inside it is akin to being full of poison that is killing you, the easiest way to get rid of the poison is to share it with someone else so you can release the load and feel a little better. So, if the poison is verbal then you spew it out to release it and someone else puts it in their data bank and feels bad by taking the poison in. 

If you realize when others say mean things it is to make themselves feel better you put on your armor and say not today, I am not taking on your poison! It is all about them anything that people say is their perspective, their point of view and it is your choice to agree with them or not. 

Kids (adults as well), some people have a good home life, some kids just like thinking their tough and better than others by saying and doing mean things. YOU have the power to tell them no you don't, not today am I taking your poison from you.

It gets wearing and grinding on you as I remember being terrified to ride the bus in Grade 6 when a Grade 9 was picking on me, scratching me, swearing at me and I was miserable. I hid trying to not ride the bus and was always relieved when she wasn't on. Begging my mom to drive me in but that never solved the problem. One day I just had it and stood up to her, she tried and tried to egg me on but I just stood my ground and it stopped. She had no more gratification from it. I felt like it was sink or swim and I was not going to sink that is just my nature.

Life is full of "bullies" I really dislike that word because it implies we are powerless against them. Many are on stress leave from work due to bullying, life will always be full of people trying to influence you with their power or strength.

The definition of bully is:

a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

If we agree with bullies that we are "weaker" than them then they have won. It is a battle of wills and sometimes you may feel trapped but you always have a choice. Perhaps it's not the easiest choice but we always have a choice.

Start choosing to believe in you, start putting on your armor and start realizing it has nothing to do with you when others are mean. It is a long slow process to do this but it is your only hope!


I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking





A Very Merry Un-birthday

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A very merry Unbirthday to you….

Today, Friday the 13th not only a freaky Friday but it also the birthday that never was or will be…

I shall never forget waking up to spend the last day with my mom on what we both knew was her last birthday. It’s written down in painful words I will share with the world one day but for now let’s celebrate an unbirthday of gratitude.

This week while I lay on the bed for my colonoscopy the doctor came in a talked with me asking why I was there. I told her about both my parents dying of cancer and her face was shocked…apparently this is a big deal. She says I definitely have reason for concern and should return every five years to be checked even if I am clear.

Tuesday was a day of celebration of being well and clear! Today is a day of sorrow knowing there’s no one to celebrate with here, but I sure do hope my dad is enjoying the love of his life back. That is sometimes the only solace I can seek from sorrow knowing they are both together somewhere somehow.

What if today was your last birthday? What would you do? Who would you be with? 

This is where I was last was a beautiful day and one of memories for life!

Gratitude is a choice, it doesn't just happen. Grateful for my family while I had it and the family I have now as well as the multitude of friends and support in my world.

The lessons I learned from my mom and watching so many people interact with her was this; kindness rules. I received many cards and notes from people who barely knew either one of us that their lives were changed by meeting her simply from how kind and caring she was, she asked how you were while she was dying. Gave what she had left, not taking anything she could grasp at. 

What will you give today to others? 

In honor of a painful day please share and spread some kindness in the world.

Happy Birthday...

Love you long time...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking




The Latest Cleanse

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Happy Monday or better known as fasting and cleansing day!

Every five years I cleanse with a special product that has great results...Colyte! And my result is a colonoscopy.

Why shall I share this with you?

Because every day, week, month of the year someone out there is selling you a cleanse and you are buying it, trying it no questions asked. Personally, I do not use cleanses ever nor do I support using them as they have not been proven to be of any benefit to the system. Ingesting some unknown product that could contain more chemicals than you were ingesting in the first place is not healthy in my mind! Give up sugar for a week if you want a cleanse, try only eating food from the earth for a week if you want a cleanse, drink more water today if you want a cleanse! All free and cheap switches in thinking that could lead to longer term results.

We are so willing to jump on the bandwagon of "health" being sold to us that we will avoid regular check-ups at the doctor because it may be a little know what's really uncomfortable? Suffering, dying, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension; shall I go on? We stick our heads in the sand about family history or true to life problems we are facing without going to the doctor to get checked up on and instead worry about how our physical body looks, sometimes even the most beautiful building could have a crumbling foundation and is about to crash but hey at least it looks good from the outside til it's gone...

Yes, this is the world we live in. Avoid all things uncomfortable because we are so comfortable being comfortable we don't want to push ourselves into a situation where we have no control. You do have control, every day you wake up you have control in your life and how you act in it. Therefore you also have control over your medical situation and health. 

Both of my parents died of colon cancer one at 49 years of age and the other last year at 61 years old. Neither saw retirement, my own children are very aware after watching my mom suffer that looking after yourself is important and they somewhat worry that if I end up with cancer they need to get checked as well. Pretty observant for 11 & 12 year olds. Living through death makes you grow up fast sometimes.

What are you going to do for your body and health today to make it better? To make it function at it's prime? To treat it with kindness instead of killing it with poisonous thoughts?

Today, I will eat popsicles, drink juice, water and Colyte (and no I'm not suggesting you use this ever unless prepping for a colonoscopy). I will be hungry, grumpy, uncomfortable and tired but guess what? It's only one day of discomfort to protect myself from a shortened lifespan and doing my utmost to be here for my family as long as I can.

I recently had a corporate wellness presentation and my first question to the executives was this: What are your top 3 priorities in life? Once they listed them I asked where quality of life or wellness was and if it is not near the top you are fooling yourself that you can give anything to anyone else when you do not take care of YOU! YOU are the key to work, family, life, church or whatever you choose to give yourself to.  

My plea to you for today: if you have a family history of some disease GO GET CHECKED, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT! Don't wait!! Waiting may be too late and wishing for that time back is futile. We have the choice in our life now.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



6 Years O' Sweating

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Times change, people come and go, such is the ebb and flow of life. One thing has remained for 6 years going onto it's 7th: BOOTCAMP!

It's quite shocking when I think of how long it's been going on and I am blessed to have such amazing committed clients who continue to attend and support my classes. The energy I receive back from all of you is intoxicating, the lessons I have learned humbling and the results you have garnered; shocking!

Bootcamp started out of a need for two things: the lack of classes in Athabasca (look at the change now!) and my desire to combine all my personal training clients into two days for the summer as timing becomes sporadic with holidays to keep a full schedule. This was the start of bootcamp! Most times all things great start from filling a need. I honestly thought it would just be a summer fling where in the fall I would return to training and life would continue on but the demand for classes just kept going on.

At one point in time I was teaching 10 classes a week; 10!! And they were all full with 10-30 people a class it was beyond anything I could have imagined. Ironically enough I took a step back from it right before the year of difficulties beyond anything I could have imagined began, a blessing in disguise I took a break when I did.

We have done a lot in the past 6 years, I have watched countless bootcamp babies grow up that I held while their mom's sweated. Many of you have gone onto bigger and better goals well beyond what you thought you were capable of at one time. Some of you are even still meeting up to workout together as a group or have started running together and supporting each other training for events. It makes me smile every time I see someone out running, sweating or working out it is a committment to yourself that no one else can give you and in return you give to the world a better person.

Every minute you invest in sweat provides at least ten times the productivity and emotional stability in your work and life, there are such a plethora of diseases that are prevented by simply moving if the goverment funded fitness instead of drugs we may prevent the problems instead of just fixing with solutions and bandaids. But perhaps the problem is even if it was funded it is deep down inside our choice to do it for ourselves, WE have to make that choice every day to do something that is hard, sweaty and uncomfortable. 

Sometimes that choice isn't so easy with the amount of environmental/chemical factors playing with our bodies, stress that we take home from work that is slowly killing us or that for a fact we know now that sitting all day will be the death of us. We then enter into a cycle of too tired to move, increase unhealthy body fat (making hormones that make don't shut off the mechanism that tells you to stop eating), depression, more stress, more problems, more eating, less moving and repeat! 

Breaking out of that cycle is akin to a crack addict having to stop cold turkey. But it's not impossible (I'm/possible is spelled in the word!).

It doesn't matter if you are on a diet that touts it will be your last one, have a personal trainer, a therapist, a nutritionist and all the money in the world to "fix" what is wrong with you it will not work if you don't believe!

Believe in yourself, believe you are worth more than the world is telling you, believe you can do it, believe that it is small daily choices that add up to big change. A drop every day in a bucket will fill it up far faster than dumping one cup in it a year. 

The world is setting you up to fail, although that is not a permit to blame everyone else but yourself. We do have choice and power in our actions every day. When I see you walk into class I see the empowerment and by just getting to class is all you had to do, I will help you with the rest. Release the worries of the world when you are there and sweat! Then magically the worries aren't so big anymore when you're done or the answer has appeared to you while you were sweating!

Being strong allows you to easily accomplish many other dreams you never thought possible in life! Enter a Spartan Race, triathlon, 5 Peaks Race or hike The Berg Lake Trail. Once you have a base of strength anything else is do-able. People often shock themselves by how strong they are after attending bootcamp for even a couple of months. 

Whether is it my class or the multitude of others in town (that tells how active our community is!) be proud of yourself for getting there and adding a drop to your bucket of health. 

See you September 3rd! Join bootcamp for it's 7th year going!!

Fill up your bucket until it runneth over...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking 






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