New Pace For A While

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A dear friend of mine recently was searching for a new race to enter in her epic racing journey and her dad told her how about joining the human race? I still laugh about this until today...I don't know why I find it so funny but I do.

Maybe because I have been forced to slowed down and join the human race, in one sense I am and in another I have retreated from it. Staying at home verse working all the time is definitely different but a welcome change. I am enjoying activities again I haven't for a very long time. Cooking, baking and just being at home. All these skills I have learnt from my mom and if I toot my own horn I think I'm a pretty decent cook because I was taught by the best!

As well today is a special day! I get to celebrate a birthday with my mom and one we never thought we would see together. She made it another year although by the skin of her teeth it is still another year. This is where I struggle with people who don't want to age when others are dying to want to age. Take the gift and use it!

Right now, today what are you going to commit to in the next year? What can you start today? What are you capable of in a year? You may surprise yourself if you dream big, but you will once again disappoint yourself if you dream and fail to plan. 

Fail to plan then plan to fail! It's pretty simple. Just put one foot in front of the other and be consistent. You can't run a marathon by training all your mileage two weeks before. Somethings are earned for a reason, repetition makes perfect or at least do-able! 

I am in limbo a bit right now but I will find a run or journey for next year and it won't usually fall in my lap, I start to research online where to go or what to do! For now my focus will be fitness verses craziness. Running, lifting or any type of exertion really calms me and releases whatever I need out of my body that may harm me. On the flip side I am starting to enjoy the slow arts such as yoga etc. but I still crave that sweat dripping shaking feeling of hard workouts! But a little yin and yang is what creates balance in life.

Email me your goals for the 2013 season of your life! I can't wait to hear the epic journeys and maybe you will inspire me for one of my own!

Saying it out loud and sharing it is far more powerful that just thinking it! Own it, say it and do it! And please avoid the dreaded January New Year's really isn't all it's cracked up to be. Change can happen NOW!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


One Blind Mouse

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"I refuse to die an unlived life"

"Possibility blindness: you can't see what you could have been"

"Someone's opinion is not your reality"

"Common sense is not always common practice"

From: Les Brown  "Step Into Your Greatness" Audio-book

As I listen to some of these books while driving it is so amazing and inspiring to hear put into words what many of us need to hear and in a context that is short, sweet and powerful.

We walk around blind to what we are truly capable of and sometimes it is a great reminder to hear words that cut you to the core. What are you capable of? Are you living a life lived or dying one that is unlived? Did you believe the teacher who called you "not athletic" and still do to this day? My favorite is common sense is not common practice. Things that we know and feel right we still question instead of using that common sense, when we over think it leads to danger!

There is only one person you need to truly count on and it's not another person whispering in your ear about it either, it is the whisper from deep down inside that is important. If you need to ask someone if something is alright or sounds too good to be true guess what? It is. 

Watching It Unfold

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Sometimes we are not aware of what we are witnessing right before our eyes as it takes years to unfold. Watching Frozen Planet the other night there is a caterpillar that eats voraciously in the summer and becomes frozen in the winter only to thaw in spring and start the cycle again for 14 years until it transforms into a moth! 14 YEARS! 

In human life we can undergo the same transformation except we want to see it in 90 days or less with as little work or discomfort as possible but as the old adage goes it is literally impossible to have anything easy. If it is easy it came at a higher cost than you should be willing to pay from your soul.

Many times I have been privy to watching human lives unfold into something amazing and just as magical. Sometimes it has taken longer than 14 years for them to realize they deserve better but after a few years of working hard and changing what they could be in charge of changing the outcome was far more stunning than the moth. 

Can You Do This?

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Have you ever read those exasperating emails that state: You cannot lick your elbow (yes, I know your trying to test the theory right now and found out some of you can; others can't). The point is we are human beings that are intrigued and hooked easily by challenges or catch phrases. The problem is they usually are just that, hooks and catches without much substance. Or spam; everyone's favorite lunch meat or junk email as it's known.

The sad part is this is what "trends" in today's world, garbage and we keep feeding it. When you stop paying attention to such pointless information you suddenly have a whole lot more time on your hands. Really? I have to forward this email to 10 people or face bad luck? Maybe that is the problem right now I never open or forward them...note to self start! Not likely. 

If I spend my time on the computer it is generally researching out new things to do with my time on Earth. One activity that I love is mountain climbing!

This picture is from Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier at 10, 080 ft of altitude. Mountain climbing is amazing it is difficult to put into words what I feel about it until I read this statement from the site of Annapurna base-camp there is a memorial to Boukreev (a climber who died on it) including a quotation of his:

Cabbage Heads

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Raising children presents it's own challenges and I read a really funny quote the other day that said: When you realize your children have your sense of humor you're not sure whether you should be proud or scared to death...this is true!

I remember seeing an old college friend not long after I first gave birth to my children and being exacerbated by them (particularly my daughter) and I looked at him and said I can't believe this kid. He looked at me and said: "Funny hey, you plant cabbage you get cabbage, who knew?".

For a very long time I was frustrated being a cabbage and the fact that my mom was a cabbage meant we did not see eye to eye. It is hard to relate to yourself and admit that in fact you are a lot like someone who frustrates you but now I can admit I am a cabbage. And yes, I am now raising a cabbage of my own and I am going to have to remember this as she grows up.

What's Your Price Point?

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Special day today. One of the people who taught me a lot of valuable lessons in my life as well as morals, ethics and how to be a good person, would have been 64 years old today. Crushing to think about but empowering to remember a man that really embodied doing what was right and helping others.

It is a daily struggle to watch others lower their price point of what their value is and what they will sell their soul for literally. Money is a wonderful thing and if you do not have to worry about money it is one less stress in life and a big one to boot. The disappointing part for me is, as my father was I am stubborn, very stubborn. And it is hard for me to sell anything if I do not 100% believe in it, not 100% believe in it because you will pay me $10,000 a month to say how great it is. 

That is hard. Knowing that I will always be a step behind financially compared to others who can sell ice to Eskimos. I'm not driving a BMW, I'm not flying to Florida for a convention but in the end I am content with my decision. Just as my dad was with his life choices. I would rather eat rice than crow later on, I will not sell the latest greatest "thing" for a quick profit. Although I've been reminded often that I could make a killing if I sold it as a personal trainer (are we on a safari?).

Intimidation Factor

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My truth in life is what gets me into the most trouble, recognize that I said MY truth not THE truth they are two completely different things. The truth they say needs no debating as it is known as just that; the truth. Fully, without anyone having to say it out loud. Similar to being in a room with your best friend and not having to worry if you talk because you both know you love each other and don't have to fill dead space with unnecessary words.


If you care to know what I am thinking simply do one of the following two things:

Look at my face

Listen to my words

My face is a open door to my soul and there isn't much I can hide from anyone with it. My mouth opens quickly and I generally say what I mean and mean what I say without a lot of waffling around about it.

Normal? Does it exist?

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Tell me your normal and I may look at your two heads and disagree...look at my three heads and you disagree. Then there's the one eyed purple people eater that thinks he's the "norm".

In essence we all think where we're at is normal, but there is also a burning desire to be different at the same time. Hence the era of tattoos, piercings, clothes, hair, makeup etc. What would happen if we were all assimilation's of each other? Then we would have to depend on our personalities and character to define ourselves to others.

Normal is in my opinion anything that is between the two extremes within reason and risk. Running 160 km to many seems abnormal but to those who do it on a regular basis their bodies can handle it easily? and is where their body feels at home.

Endless Thoughts...

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I sometimes myself wonder how so much can come out of my brain through a keyboard and onto the screen so quickly. Would you like to know what my most useful high school course was...I can promise not calculus; it was Typing 30!

Have you considered the implications of the written word not existing but merely sounds and language. Language is mutated far quicker than written word. Ancient scripts and documents that were etched in stone with symbols or words are still visible hundreds of years later. Word meanings and connotations can change slightly but beautiful writing is still king.

Work Your Core

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Every magazine cover in the supermarket line up reads the same: Great abs! Five minutes a day! Look good naked; 10 minutes a day! Better sex, stronger core, flat abs, have a six pack...

So, you purchase the magazine since the catch phrase is so believable and come to realize it is the same six pack ab exercises you've been reading about for the past decades before this. When it comes to movements the human body only has so many planes of function and action and after that you just add a medicine ball to make it look fancy and make yourself less "bored". 

The core workout we forget the most is spiritual. This does not mean you have to belong to a certain religion base or any religion base at all we often confuse religion to mean spirituality, ethics or morality.


Time Stands Still For No One

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Tell me you drive a Porsche...good for you. Guess what? You still only have so much time on your hands just like I do. 

Show me your Coach purse (ironically spending a large amount of money to buy something that carries money to then spend more money) that is awesome. Guess what? You still only have today, this moment, this hour.

Time does not care what you wear, drive or carry on your person. Time is the great equalizer of humankind. We each and every one of us only get 24 hours in one day and what you choose to do with that time is up to you.

It is not right or wrong to enjoy luxury, I enjoy nice things in life myself. Mostly because I dislike shopping at Walmart and their quality of merchandise that is at low low prices which then leads to it falling apart or shrinking after the first wash/use. Products produced with pride and craftsmanship are something to behold and enjoy for a reason; they last a lot longer than junk.

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