Do you want a burger?

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It is funny what we know about someone yet constantly forget.

Leyann, do you want a piece of ham? Lisa try this Leyann I'm gluten free and you're a vegetarian we are the perfect person to order a burger and share it. 

This great little phenomenon called too short term memory is why I started a journal. Even better is the notes section in my IPhone. On a run you will see me typing into my phone; that is when moments of clarity hit me the most. And as much as I like to pretend I can remember, I can't five minutes later whatever the great "thought" of the day was. If I used sticky notes my computer would look like the one below:



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Do you know what a great day is?

A great day is hearing news that your loved one will heal and become whole again, slowly but surely. 

A great day is training a client that no medical professional thought would live past a year after diagnosis.

A great day is training a client whose belief in her strength will get her through any good or bad test results ahead.

A great day is training clients who are as close as friends because they are amazing women with inner/outer strength and beauty.

A great day is having outdoor classes with women that can do push ups on their toes and run up a really big hill more than once because they are strong!

A great day is just one day in my life and how blessed lucky and special it is to be surrounded by people who fill me up and vice versa! 

Create your path in life. Ten years ago I came home and wrote down exactly what I wanted to to in fitness and life. It has all come true and more. Now to start on the new list! So exciting I can hardly sit in my chair as I write this...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Hesitantly Blogging

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As I read back over my own words in my website I can't believe that sometimes I didn't take my own advice to heart.

"The moment you move forward towards a goal you become successful."

Funny, I started out with this site over a year ago and that was a step forward but then...nothing. Fear gripped. Thoughts that I really didn't have "it" or the right "thing" to say or sell. 

Ironically enough I tend not to read a lot of outside influence articles other than educational material to advance my knowledge in my own career. I prefer to be not impacted by other opinions on purpose.

The lump in your throat, the heart racing and the feeling that it is so wrong and right at the same time is enough to make anyone stop. Judgement is a fear. When you put yourself out there you can't go back. What I have learnt over time is that fear wants you to quit and stay in the nice neat corner of life watching.

Every time I felt fear and questioned my sanity (although at the last fitness conference the speaker confirmed we are all crazy!) it was never an option to quit. Pride? Ego? Or just plain stubbornness I'm not sure why when all signs say stop I become the bull in the china shop barging through but it is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it is hard to see clearly when you have so much passion and energy. 

It is hard to understand how others can't possibly feel the same way in life. But, then as a harsh reminder I think back to the times when I couldn't be bothered to try was the saddest and loneliest time in my life.

Life still throws curve-balls, kicks in the teeth and just hard times but one thing that has always got me through: A run in the rain, a hike in the mountains or just playing Frisbee with my kids. If I'm moving I can deal with anything thrown at me. Leave me in the corner and I will crumple.

That is the beauty and power of fitness. It EMPOWERS so much more than just muscle, it empowers a spot in our soul that no one can ever take away from you. Strip away your clothes, vehicle, house, makeup and "things", you are left with what you have inside.

The feeling that accomplishing goals leaves you with no one can take away. Wherever you go there it is, that little smile deep inside! This I watched again come true in Las Vegas!

So off I go, blogging, engaging and putting it out there since I have asked so many others to live outside box it is my turn now!

Lisa Stocking


Where Are You Driving To?

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If you have read previous literature I have posted I enjoy using analogy's to transmit messages, specifically goals.

Get in the car! Let's go.

But where? Are we just going to sit in the car? Headed to Edmonton?

Great, but do we just turn around when we get there?

Or are we going to Rexall Place at 11230 110 Street, Edmonton, AB T5G 3H7.

What day?

Some day? Or June 23, 2012?

What will we do when we get there? Wander?

Or are we going to a concert for three hours after going out for supper and then returning home after?

Life seems a lot easier when you can put it into clear concise answers your goals and intent.

Want to be healthy? Hmmm how?

Wake up healthy? Or wake up at 6 am everyday to exercise for 30 minutes 5x/week to run a 5 km race in a month or prepare food for the day to ensure you have nutrition to sustain your body and mind?

Climbing a mountain seems impossible until you take one step at a time. All of a sudden you turn around and you are looking down at 2000 steps of possible! Standing where it seemed so far away a few hours ago...



Top 5 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

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1. It's not fair: Not it's not, but you can live life on your terms to counterbalance this.

2. What goes around comes around: Well, not always but I'd like to think it does eventually.

3. Stop searching outside, it's inside: We all want to find it on the other side of the grass, cultivate what is in you instead. You are special for a reason and it is inside YOU.

4. Anger is good: You need to recognize you're mad before you can have peace from it.

5. Show others you care: Stop letting your ego stop you from sharing kindness, hug, laugh, love and tell others why you appreciate and care about them. Break the cycle!

Wow Factor!

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Google fitness or diet just for fun and what sites pop up; it could be real honest to goodness great advice or it could be a garbage. How are you to know?

As a fitness professional I still struggle with the line between those who are benefiting my business and can offer insight, education and progress to my career. Or those who just want money, quick turnover and a BMW.

If you want a BMW but I have to purchase over-inflated, under quality products for you to earn it I can promise you won't get 5 minutes into the speech of: It's doctor approved, tastes great, changes your life in a month, gives you better gas mileage in your car it's so awesome and if you buy lots then I get lots for having no knowledge about what I'm selling or why other than I can make some money....whew I am tired of writing that let alone listening to it.

True dedicated professionals ask questions that matter to you and to them in order to understand how to assist you become a better you. Not from a fancy product or quick fix. They understand you are the key to the lock of life that you are stuck at opening. They continue to go to workshops, conferences, online seminars and learning. 

Personally, I have so much left to learn but at the same time I feel I have so much to offer. With over 10 years of experience and hands on education, I now understand that there is some type of professional to assist everyone's diverse personality and needs. Find another if you feel the first doesn't fit your needs. That is the beauty of choice in a free world.

Trust. If we trust ourselves and others in our life we feel secure to be ourselves and make decisions that are clear and constructive. Without trust in the world it is hard to advance farther than keeping your back in the corner to keep the knives out. And giving people your trust allows them to trust you back.

A perfect example of developing trust was a new website that I joined as a member. Unsure of what exactly I was getting into I joined tentatively knowing I could cancel after a month if need be. Emails arrived with excitement and I we go all hype and not any real substance marketing site is what I joined. 

Guess what. I was wrong. I received a phone call from the executive director of the company the day I was waiting outside the hospital to hear news about my families future. Scary news. Just a short but heartfelt call to let me know that his thoughts were with me. Wow! Now that is customer service and true vested interest. 

I feel like I have a teammate now not a marketer looking for business from everyone with money. That is how you should feel from a business and why I will return over and over again without question. What do you want out of a business? 

I Live Life Now

Lisa Stocking


AFLCA Resistance Training Specialty

NAIT PFT Diploma



New Year 2012

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As I sit in my new office it seems as though it is all coming together, sometimes as we move ahead in life there are giant leaps of faith that we must take in order to reap the rewards. These rewards however are sometimes hidden at first in failures that we take as roadblocks in life. What if these failures are simply checks and balances in helping us find our true path? I often wonder if my own family hadn't suffered loss at a young age if I would be the same person I am now? Probably not, yes we are born with the attributes we carry through life this I believe to the core of my soul, but moments then shape what path we carve in life. A river doesn't simply flow through the mountain, it finds the course that has been set for it through the stone.

I am thankful for many things on this New Year's Eve and most of all the opportunity to see life as it should be (in my opinion). Many times as I run up the stairs, hike, bike or simply carry my own groceries into my home I am reminded at how much life can change in the blink of an eye. What was once an easy task can become near impossible for some and as much as we all want to lose five pounds or run faster revelling in the simply tasks of life is something I try to stop at least once a day and be thankful for. 

This is IT?

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Now what?

The problem with setting goals that are weight related is that many times we become stuck without a focus on the future when we hit the magic number. This can occur with your goals in life as well.

Set a goal to run a marathon and then what? Without a plan well into the next year and beyond there is no purpose to your workouts, nutrition or life. Do you go to work without believing you have ____ years until retirement? No, you put in the time planning to enjoy your life later when you have earned it!

So set out today to plan for tomorrow, and the next month, year and decades ahead. It is okay if your goals evolve and change as your body or life changes just never stop planning ahead. When we stop moving forward we become stagnant similar to a pool of water sitting with no water leaving it and no new water entering it! Be the river instead that keeps winding, turning and finding a new path to flow into.

I Live Life Now! Do YOU??

Star Wars?

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As a society we are so removed from our bodies and how food affects our body. Food has become good and evil as though it is fighting to make us go to the darkside.....are we in a scene from Star Wars?

Why is it acceptable to not have a clue about what you are putting in your body? And if you pay attention to it you are a health nut? My lifestyle choices of eating nutritious food most of the time and moving my body 5-6 times a week has turned me into a health freak like it is some type of disease.

Is it acceptable to abuse our body with food and inactivity as though it is a right of passage we have earned as a society?

Rustic Charm

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We are so blessed with many luxuries in our life. Running water, power, sewer (that's a big one!) and amenities that have enabled us to "save time" to do more.

But do we?

It's seems that sometimes in order to save time or savor it we need to leave many of these conveniences to realize that maybe we don't really have it all figured out.

Abnormal? Yes.

Normal? Yes.

Remember When...

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The past few days have been a time of reflection. I remember when I ran my first half marathon, my friend and I ate at a wonderful Chinese food restaurant in Calgary and then proceeded to burp up the food for the race; definitely not the best choice! I remember the feeling of accomplishment in finishing what we thought we would never be able to run only a year before. I remember the belief of what I could accomplish grow with each race. And crying when I saw my family with 10 km left in my marathon. You realize what is important in life when you are hurting, hot and tired. They are rays of light in a dark moment!

I guess that is what I have thought about the most lately. Living. Many people are afraid of trying anything new or different since it is scary. However, not living is a whole lot scarier. Imagine having the freedom to choose what you can and cannot do with your life being taken away because you are now in a hospital not knowing your future or how long it will be.

Living life is scary. Death is a guarantee, living isn't. You can float through this world without choosing to use what you have been given, a healthy body that can move and live. However, I have seen more people without healthy bodies choosing to move and live than the others that are hiding from life. Case in point, the many wheelchair athletes competing at the Intact Half Marathon in Edmonton or the blind runner who completed the race. Imagine they are using the rest of their body even though parts of their body no longer functions.

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