Where are we going?

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Where are we going? With our life? Our world? Our future?

The constant dynamic of girls or women not being happy with themselves is becoming one of the most prevelant problems in the western world.

My daughter won't wear certain shirts to school because someone told her she looked fat in it: She's 8. In Grade Three. I have to try to talk to my daughter about why, in her heart, she has to believe her shirt is nice and not whether someone thinks it looks "fat" or not. Coincindentally she earned that shirt by being involved in a race where she trained for 8 weeks to log her miles to run a "marafun". Her final 1.2 km of the 42 km marathon was completed at the race with all the other children - who also kept track of their mileage.  

She is strong and stubborn. I have no clue where that came from?? But she is crushed so easily by words as we all have been in life. I'm sure we can all remember the time someone told us our hair, shirt, pants, face, nose, body etc. was ugly. And I'm sure we all agreed with them at the time. Someone can say something to you once but WE are the ones that repeat it over and over in our heads confirming what they said to us. We believe it unequivocally once we repeat to ourselves. It is like saying, "Wow how did they know that too?"

What we need to change is the judgment others pass onto us.  Well, that will never change; there will always be people who have opinions that are ignorant. What we need to change is how we react to it. Do you believe it or realize that you are NOT what that person says to you unless you want to believe it and agree with them.

Define yourself, don't give the power to others. Period. 

Maybe by doing this we will slowly change the world one person at a time. One mind, one thought, one body, one opinion. 

Read my bio if you want to know who I am, I can answer the question at any point in time. The question is:  do you know who you are? 

Answer that and you've begun to unlock a great power. It doesn't have to be "perfect" just honest.

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I Got a Tuning Today!

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If you've ever had a good tuning you know how it feels.

Or do you?

Shockingly enough to any of you that know me I have a hard time sitting still; let alone lying still for an hour (other than while sleeping). Oddly enough, I do enjoy being still and the peace that it brings into my life now.

My tuning today wasn't in the form of a tongue lashing it was energy healing using tuning forks and energy work. Thank you Miss Leah. 

I am honored to have had people trust me with their bodies and energy on a daily basis; so much so that I decided to leave the box (why do I even have one?) and try something new with my body and energy.

If you have not had Tong Ren, Reiki or Tuning Forks used as a modality for healing, then please open yourself to the world of it. At first I was a skeptic, but I decided to go into it with a completely open mind and heart for the first round of Tong Ren as I trust completely the person I was dealing with. Amazingly enough after my first experience I have felt like the energizer bunny with booster juice; almost too much energy I can't contain myself. Coincidentally enough I have also had my two fastest races of my life after this energy work....

A month later; tonight, I had Tuning Forks used for energy balancing as my cranial-sacral energy was out of balance (that means my head, of course it's not balanced). My therapist (I've always wanted to say that) finds it amusing that I can lay still, it's like seeing a hummingbird sit still, she's not sure what to do with me like this! 

After an hour of intense energy flow through my body I sit up and feel as though all the world was clear from my head. Very clear. So clear it is as though I am not in my own body. All is balanced and right in the world, my thoughts are gathered and my energy is high but not spasms anymore! Life is good.

Funnniest part is Leah says that my lower half of my body is ridiculous with the amount of energy it outputs. What most people don't realize is that I draw as much energy from working with them in a day as I give. Thank goodness or there would be an empty shell left.

So find your Chi, get a tuning and get your Chi on! It is worth it! I have felt it myself as well as seen the results in others around me. 

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Trust: A Fragile Line To Walk

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Trust. When you are receiving information from someone - even myself - question why. Is this source trustworthy? What is the promise being made? What are their intentions?

I am one to have my guard up when someone is intent on selling me the latest, greatest, most amazing, never used before, used for thirty years, easy to take, help you lose weight, be stronger tomorrow bandwagon. Why?

Perhaps I am a skeptic but I need evidence either scientifically or medically grounded. The benefits of fitness are tangible, measurable, quantifiable, progressive, safe, sustainable and research based. I need to know why results occur and for what reason.

Clients place a lot of trust in me and for that reason alone I have steered away from any type of multi-level supplement selling.

Someone I have had the pleasure of working with lost over 100 lbs in a period of two years. Many have questioned what quick fix she took to accomplish this and her answer is always "The old-fashioned way, nutrition and exercise". She is a diabetic, WAS an insulin-dependent diabetic before she lost the weight and now has been insulin free for a year. The doctors are in awe of her accomplishments; ask her how it happened and everytime she tells them they are flabbergasted because it is so rare nowadays to find someone who has followed this path and kept it off.

Be a leader in your life, not a follower. Find the tools you need from others around you with the expertise and training to assist you then lead your own life with intent. This client is now helping others find their path. Even if it is as simple as having a goal of walking 3x/week for the rest of your life or the next 60 days. No one has to sell it to you. Promise that it is doctor approved or ask you to sell it to your friends. You can trust in yourself that it is the right path to follow.

We are meant to live, move, love (ourselves) and be happy. Trust me. lol!

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Baby Steps

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Took a step today toward the release of this site. Posting it on Facebook. Now I know there are naysayers out there that don't approve of Facebook but it is a great way to stay in touch.

I would never have seen my friends after 10 years, watch friends children grow up thousands of miles away or experienced any of the wonderful aspects of Facebook.

Posting drama, trash talking on Facebook I could do without but I find I am not involved in it so it doesn't seem to follow me around. You attract what you put out there....

I Live Life Now is out there I can't renege on it. I posted it intently and now I have to carry through with what I am planning. To help people stop the madness of quick fix, instant gratification, I'm going to be skinny next week world we live in.

I am nervous this is worse than a salmon swimming upstream. This is completely opposite thinking of how the world operates right now.Yet I am going to convince you that this is the best path to take?

You bet I am. That is my intent and purpose right now. We KNOW that diets do not work. Diet companies depend on it. It is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. We keep wishing, waiting, hoping, looking for the next fix. One that will conquer the weight, at any cost. But what about our lives.

It is proven that yo-yo dieting is detrimental to our health.

So if your goal is a "number" this site isn't for you. I don't believe that a "number" on the scale will make you happy but I do believe living with purpose with regards to your health and fitness will.

If you are ready to enjoy life to the fullest. Please look around the site. If you are interested in eating in moderation and not drinking shakes and eating two almonds to get to your "number"; then this site is for you.

Being a role model to your friends, family, co-workers and community through goal oriented living then this site is for you. Don't expect others to jump on the bandwagon it is for you to enjoy and others to decide on their own what will work for them!

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I am a privileged person.

That's right, you heard me. And no, it's not silver spoon in my mouth syndrome either - I am privy to seeing and experiencing some of the most amazing moments wherever my legs and running shoes take me.

Last night it was getting late and I was tired but restless so off I went on a sunset run. I already had a lot of miles in for the week so this was a rest; just enjoyment on the most basic level. Me, my runners and the world. I headed out on my usual out and back run when my dog bounced curiously beside me sensing something.

At first glance, I saw ant piles in the field but on second glance I saw one moving. It was a porcupine. I generally see them on the road not moving so I took a moment to watch it grazing when I noticed a smaller dirt lump. A Porcupette! Yes I googled it that is the name of a baby porcupine. I have never seen one before and for good reason they are not that common to see.

My short run turned into Omaha's Wild Kingdom....it is great to see things in life so close to your own home. On one of my previous runs I saw a Great Grey Owl; another rare to see up close species. It is amazing what nature has to offer if you take the time to look at it. I feel so close to earth on runs as though I am part of the trees, grass and dirt. 

And really we are all one in a sense. None of us would exist without the sun rising and setting. The sun is responsible for creating and sustaining life. As long as we remember that tomorrow is another day to enjoy and live again we can stop beating ourselves up about what we didn't do today and keep looking forward to tomorrow or what the moment holds for us NOW!

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Little Fish, Big Ocean

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This morning as I was trying to frantically finalize many of the website details I began to feel like the little fish in a big ocean. Now don't get me wrong the little fish doesn't mean I'm whale food. It just means as I search around and look online at more and more information it is a HUGE place.

What will separate me apart fromt the rest? Perhaps honesty? Maybe. I have never been one to hide how I feel. Want to know if I like something? Ask me. I will not hold back any thoughts on it I promise.

Perhaps I'm too blunt to a fault and that's alright. You can like it or leave it. But really if I like you and you are a friend you will know exactly how I feel. I can't fake it.

I can fake it til I make it on certain points such as when I get on the treadmill feeling horrible I just pretend I will feel good at the end and most times I do.

Hiding our true emotions and feelings is one of the easiest ways to start spiralling out of control and put ourselves last. Yet this is how the largest percentage of our population functions. Everyone wants to be "nice". Nice isn't always the best road to travel. There is no need to be mean either if you live life with love in your heart and compassion towards others your true self will shine through without compromising yourself! Kindness towards yourself and others is key.

So start maybe with being kind to yourself. It is hard for everyone; myself included but somedays I just have to step back and realize I did my best at the time.

That is all we have to give in any moment: OUR BEST!

Little fish, Big Ocean. I'm ready! It's the best I can give right now!

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I am amazed to have a career and passion for life that includes many special moments.

Have you ever been a part of watching someone come out of their cocoon and transform into a beautiful butterfly right before your eyes? Although the cocoon was a beautiful white shell with many layers and intricate weaving, the true surprise lay inside waiting to be free and revealed through many processes over time.

The difference between the beauty of the coccoon and the beauty of the butterfly is that you had to find the coccoon to appreciate it's beauty and understand that the layers are a part of it. The butterfly however is free at last and can fly around the world to share it's colour and splendor with everyone near and far. The butterfly is living life; not waiting in it's safe layers protected from the world around it waiting, waiting, waiting....for life to find it.

Everytime you feel as though you can't break out of these layers in life, remember how the butterfly can fly, dance and flutter wherever it wishes completely free. Watching my client bike today she was that butterfly with bright orange wings flying through the air in all her splendor! 

I am so thankful to have a job that allows me to share these moments with people.

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Oh my only 9 sleeps til I release this site. It is, honestly, like giving birth. You know what will happen (the process) but you are scared as to what life will be like after it comes out! 

If you get only one piece of advice from this site that makes your life better, then it is a success! Time will tell.

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