Personal Training Is it For Me??

Written by Lisa Stocking.


Workout in a private studio space without any distraction or fear of others judging.

Personal training is just that: personal. I've worked with all facets of the population from athletes training for pre-olympic competition to seniors recovering from a stroke along with everyone between.

When asked what my training style is I'm not sure sure quite how to answer as you can tell by this picture I dont require a lot of equipment so power lifting isn't my forte or body building type workouts. Simply put: Benign looking but challenging workouts using your own body is what I specialize in. The most common comment from clients is: "This is harder than I thought it would be by how you made it look".

I love having people being able to workout anywhere with just their bodies if they need to void of equipment. I love holding babies while people sweat. I love watching people slowly evolve and find themselves again. 

Fitness isn't always glamourous or fun, but it should be attainable no matter what your body is capable of.

Workouts are specific to each person. Perhaps your back is sore or you've torn your knee...well you're in luck as I've lived through many of those things so I am empathetic to your needs and can generally modify any workout to work for YOUR body!

Still not sure? Feel free to text me (780) 213-4222 or email info@ilivelifenow.com any time.



I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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Top Budget Tips

Written by mrdugan2.

Why is milk more expensive than pop?

Why are chicken breasts more expensive than processed food?

We may never know the answers to this BUT you can be diligent with your shopping.


1. Buy what is on sale for the week and then cook with it. 

Have a few menu ideas in mind for the week so your not buying chicken when fish is on sale.

2. Shop only once or twice a week.

You will spend less by only going on planned shopping trips for groceries.

3. Buy in bulk.

No brainer here. If you kids eat cereal, buy the JUMBO box.

4. Share with friends if you buy large quantities.

Split a huge pack with a friend so it doesn't go bad before you use it.

5. Basics are generally more reasonable.

Buying deli meat cost more than cooking a roast yourself and slicing it. Uncut carrots are cheaper that pre-cut.

6. Frozen vegetables and fruits are good.

These can be cheaper in the off season than fresh and often better quality because it has not been packed around the world losing nutrition. It was frozen quickly and as soon as it is picked.

7. Make your own.

Buying canned soups etc. can add increased non-nutritious nutrients and cost far more than homemade.

8. Learn to cook.

Don't know how to make soup. Practice makes perfect, learn what you CAN do! 

9. Store hop

I don't have the time for this now but if you can shop the stores for each retailers sale you will always be ahead of the budget game.

10. Coupons.

Plan to buy your big ticket items on 10% off day, look for buy one get one free, it is okay Groupons have made coupons cool again.


Written by Lisa Stocking.


1. ANY FRUIT (fresh, frozen or canned)

2. ANY VEGETABLE (fresh, frozen or canned)

3. Oatmeal (regular or steel cut and NOT in the little packages)

4. Quinoa

5. Greek Yogurt 0% (18 g protein)

6. Cottage Cheese

7. Eggs

8. Natural Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

9. Chicken

10. Lean Beef

11. Lean Pork

12. Fish

13. Nuts (natural or lightly salted)

14. Brown Rice

15. Whole grain pasta

16. Beans, legumes

17. Low Fat Cheese

18. Hummus

19. Whole Grain Bread

20. Olive oil

Monday's Menu

Written by Lisa Stocking.

For those of you who are unaware of how I prep for the week, the key is Monday! I cook my food for the week on Monday - enough for lunch and supper from Monday night until Thursday night. I work long hours and I am often eating on the go....not eating out!

Sample Monday Menu:

Chicken Rice Soup

Mexican Rice Salad

Lean Hamburger Taco Meat Cooked 

The beauty of this is having a variety of meals to add to the basics. When you cook the basic taco meat you can take a wrap, a salad, mix it with extra rice if needed ANYTHING!

I always cook a little extra rice, pasta or quinoa so I have some for my children or if I run out of food extra for the week I add a can of tuna to anything!

Place the pre-made meals in containers in the fridge to grab and go. 

Seems unrealistic? Try it!

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