I Live Life Now List

Written by mrdugan2.

Many years ago I began to write down some of the living I wanted to accomplish before my time is up here are some of my top ones:

1. Climb a mountain over 10, 000 ft

2. Finish a ironman triathlon

3. Climb Kiliminjaro (visit Africa by the time I'm 40)

4. Hike the Grand Canyon

5. Watch the sunset in Hawaii

6. Team rope (and win something)

7. Run a marathon

8. Run an ultra-marathon

9. Raise healthy happy kids (still working on it)

10. Stay married! (working on this as well)

11. Be true to myself

12. White-water raft

13. Learn to wakeboard

14. Play hockey

15. Learn to surf

16. Hike Machu Pichu

17. Visit San Francisco

18. Win a running race

19. Run 10 km under 50 minutes

20. Bike across Canada

21. Hike the Appalachian trail (part of it)

22. Take my husband to Greece

23. Live to 50 (my dad made 49)

24. Love without limits

25. Kitesurf

26. Scuba Dive

27. Hike the Skyline Trail Jasper, AB

28. Hike the West Coast Trail

29. Paddleboard in British Columbia inlets

30. See Alaska


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