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The Day The Pain Went Away...

Well, it's done and honestly that was the fastest most painless procedure ever. Life lined it up and all worked out although when I walked into the DI Recovery ward I thought maybe I was taking this too lightly.

People in all stages of recovery were spread throughout the room and I feared maybe I would end like that. The possibility of sedation was there but I was banking on not having it. When you sit quietly in the room you hear a lot of things maybe you don't need to hear like the guy beside me having certain sensitive areas shaved for shuntts.

Oh, I had to smile at what goes on in a hospital...what truly impressed me the most was an EMT who came to pick up a patient and he light up the room as soon as he walked in. He treated all the patients like rockstars remembering people even last week he saw that he had transported previously. It was in this moment that you truly see how the human connection changes the atmosphere. Hell, I wanted a ride in the ambulance by this guy. It was great.

The care was great and the doctor who performed the procedure (basically an epidural with steroids) was very attentive. He took the time to talk to me prior and explained that he as well had had back surgery. Then he asked how as a personal trainer I had managed to keep working when I asked if I could return to work that night. I credit work with giving me purpose and keeping me distracted from the pain. Some days sucked but most days it was better than the alternative.

Imagine if sitting or laying on the couch was all I did, chances are the negative pain feedback loop would have increased to the point of debilitation. With back pain they recommend not stopping movement, avoid the certain one's that create more pain but to channel your inner Dory: Just keep swimming!

Today will show even more of the outcome as it was less pain for sure when I was done especially sneezing didn't become a seeing the light experience. I rolled off the bed and didn't feel like I was going to cry so that was progress.

Excited for the future again, planning for new adventures and as the one nurse pushed me back to the recovery ward he reminded me to take it easy because now without pain I have to be careful not to overdo it...touche!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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