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Listen To That...Silent Talk

Yesterday I woke up, compelled to go to the city and even more determined to see my chiropractor. For some reason in the dawn hours when I'm partially awake the thought to show him my MRI and discuss options came to me. Instead of pushing it off I decide to make a grocery run and visit Dr. Kevin.

I have sent countless people here and many who are afraid of chiropractors but at Maloney Elkassem Clinic I trust that they will take the time to teach you how to manage your body and help you manage it as well with their techniques such as ART, trigger point therapy, Graston, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care. For years they have kept me upright in situations where others would have told me to quit, but Dr. Kevin supports the endevours I'm training for and assists me to continue moving forward.

Without an appointment I headed to the city intent that I would be seen on this day; I am that client that walks in and says "I'll see someone today...um no I don't have an appointment." mostly because I don't go very often they're kind enough to fit me in! As luck or universal manifestation had it I was able to secure an appointment as soon as I phoned in which happened to be my ETA into the city. Awesome!

There was a reason that I went, I had too many questions and although many would write off chiropractors as bone crackers this clinic is none of that. After showing him my pictures and report we had a half hour discussion about options and what could improve my life with pain management and answered my questions about whether or not I was on a slippery slope of back degeneration.

Sometimes you just need that person who has managed your body for over ten years to help support you and provide you with information that empowers you and gives you that extra confidence that it will be alright with the path you have been provided with.

Ironically, as I left the clinic I had this nagging gut feeling that it was odd I hadn't received my date for injections into my disc. Instead of the theory: they'll call when they call, I called...guess what? My appointment is today! It was put on the wrong pile of doctors appointments and notifying me was missed.

Off I go to the city today to have this pain put to rest or hopefully so anyways! I am excited. It's slightly sad that I am excited to have a needle put into my spine because anything has to be better than chronic pain.

Moral of the story? When you have that gut feeling listen to it, don't excuse yourself as not knowing what you need or should do. Instead of feeling upset and overwhelmed I feel prepared for the procedure and have a plan post-injection for self care and healing. If I would have ignored all of these messages I would be still waiting and frustrated not being able to find a solution.

Side Note: If you wish to have a MRI simply book a private one and within two weeks of it you will have two calls for cancellations for free ones that opened up....true story! Oy! Still don't regret paying for it best decision ever. And I can't take it with me: the money.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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