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Media Monster Mash

Have you ever scrolled and read the sides of any media blip shown on Facebook or the highlights of the news on your phone? Ever read something really positive and true?

Once in a blue moon you might but generally the fear mongering and steady stream of sad shootings, crazed people and horrible experiences are rampant. Add in social media on top of this with everyone having an opinion about anything anyone posts. You could write: "I love fuzzy kittens" and there's always at least one or two that have to comment about one tangent that you so brazenly didn't point out.

Imagine if you took the amount of time you use to comment so brashly and irrationally every hour of the day and instead maybe turned inward. Journalling about your own thoughts or feelings? Maybe even wrote in a journal about someone else and what you appreciate about them every day for a year and then gave them that as a gift at Christmas or birthday?

If you want to find supporting evidence for any cause or case you want to bring light to have no fear you will find it online. Whether it is pro or con there is something for everyone and nearly everyone is an expert in everything.

Maybe step back and instead of throwing yourself into the media overlord frenzy of this is going to happen, we are all going to suffer and this is horrible attitude and really look around. Look around your own family, your own town and  your own life.

Very rarely do I watch much media anymore, it is freeing to leave all the overly blatant lies. Even people who handle investments right now warn you not to get caught up in the media barrage of creating fear. Because when you do things out of fear you panic and make poor decisions which then lead to far worse loss.

Try for a week to skip out on the media mayhem and see if you feel less tense. The stories that get you realy riled up were meant to for a reason. All news is played off your emotions. Pay attention it's amazing when you step back and watch it for the circus it is.

But hey what do I know, I'm just a personal trainer....

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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