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I Don't Want To Hurt Myself...

Last Monday was a reminder to lift weights, not just weights but heavy weights. No more messing around with dumbbells that are lighter than everyday items but weight that can re-sculpt and model your body into a strong, powerful person; inside and out.

However, I know in the back of your mind you were saying "But, I don't want to hurt myself." and this is a valid point. Lifting heavier does require more concentration, focus and skill BUT you can learn that just as you have learnt all the other things in life you know how to do well. Our lives are in constant change as well as our bodies, so learning technique and form for weight lifting can be really important.

The part that you haven't maybe considered about not lifting weights in fear of getting hurt is you are hurting yourself just as much by not lifting weights. Resistance training where your muscles must overcome a resisted force creates micro-tears in your muscles that triggers the muscle to then rebuild and repair stronger and better in case the load on them the next time is the same or larger. 

This is important to understand because this is why your muscles require rest. Did you know when you finish a workout you are actually at your weakest point? Your strength is built during your recovery phase when you rest them. They require at least 48 hours to recover but that is also based on how heavy and intense you lifted previously and what your goals are. The general exerciser is safe to lift every second day in a full body protocol and if your life is going to the gym then split your body parts up to ensure you can lift every day.

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