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How To Sweat On A Spin Bike

Most of my blogs or articles are inspired as most peoples are from real life. Now, this has to be one of my favorite comments of all time: "What is the point of this bike? I don't sweat on it at all, it isn't very good"

Love it! Love it! Love it! Did I mention I love it!

At this point in time I calmly smile and ask the person to get on the spin bike so I can show (not explain) how it works to make sweat. And oh sweat we did! (We meaning I watched and she sweat).

So, how do you use one of the butt torture machines? Yes, everyone's favorite complaint about upright bikes or spin bikes is that it hurts their butt. You have one of two options: pack your own gel seat to put on it or create the butt callus that develops after the first week of biking. Honest it's the only way.

That and ensure your bike is set at the proper height and position. Some bikes seats do move ahead so you have no need to ride on the nose of it unless that floats your boat (it won't) but it's your choice. Here is a few tips on how to set it up to ensure your ride is comfortable and sweaty indoors.

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