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The B Word

I haven't been called the B word, well at least not to my face. Perhaps when I walk away I am called it I'm not sure or maybe even the C word or F word but my self worth isn't tied to opinion so you can call me courageous and fabulous all day I won't take it personally. What other words did you think I meant? Let's find out about this B word shall we...

I have began off-season training. Meaning I periodize how I workout. In the summer I relax off of weight lifting or resistance training in favor of outdoor activities such as running, biking, hiking anything to get outside and enjoy the weather! In-season training is specifically geared towards what I am training for, when you are planning to run 58 km in the mountains you should be running on uneven trails, in the dark and up some hills to simulate what you will be doing during an actual event.

Now that the snow has started to fly (I am not a whiner but I don't belong here that's the end of the whining now) I head into the basement instead of outside on those nice fall evenings when I used to go for a run. In the basement I have my own gym with everything I need to train. Although others crave hunkering down with a good book and a cup of tea I crave weights....heavy weights. And the theory is the heavier you can lift the lighter you will get if you have some weight to lose. Imagine what is going off your body is going onto the dumbbells to lift instead.

No more packing around an extra 30 lbs, now you can squat that without having to move it day in and day out. I often see other women using free weights in the gym and we (as women) have been brainwashed for so long that they head to the light end of the weight rack. You know the end that is lighter than your purse or groceries that you carry into the house on a daily basis.

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