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Pumpkin Pie With No High!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have planned out the weekend and included your workouts and how you will survive all the pumpkin, stuffing and food extravaganza over the next three days. 

There is really no reason to get out of hand with the weekend even if you are heading home to your mom's where she must feed you incessantly. One day has never been the demise of any healthy lifestyle, it's next week when you forget that it's Suzie's birthday at work and you indulge again and become too "busy" to workout!

A couple of tips for the weekend:

1. Workout before a big meal! You will enjoy the after burn of exercise on your food intake (basically you will burn a lot of what you eat refuelling your muscles after a HARD workout) because you have ramped up your bodies need for calories. But really just workout before or after because it is better than the alternative of let's say NOT working out!

2. Eat before you go to Grandma's house for supper. Yup, you heard me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the love of life do not starve all day "saving" up for the big meal. That spells disaster and weight gain when you binge. Eat a well balanced snack or meal of protein and carbohydrates before heading over to temptation island.

Here is an AMAZING recipe that is low calorie but has all the benefits and TASTE of the real thing!

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