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Oh Boy Or Girl! Ouch!!

The most common complaint (or excuse) depending on how you approach it is that it is too hard to get to the gym for a workout. But, the great part about body weight exercises is your gym is always attached to you and unless you are really going for muscle building and your fitness level has surpassed your body weight there is no reason to not do this workout!

Try it. You might like it and even better you might want to do it again once you can move!

Here is my workout from the other day of a new Tabata workout. Tabata in my opinion is a great once or twice a week workout to work into your normal routines. The research behind Tabata is that in an average person it can increase your VO2MAX by 20%. What that mean you say? It means your ability to use oxygen in your cells increases by 20%! Wow! That means more energy to run, walk, skate, swim or do anything better. 

Caution on the Pushups and Scoop Pushups if you have a bad shoulder such as myself; modify what you need to in order to protect your body even if you have to hold the plank and focus on shoulder stabilizing. A great workout shouldn't hurt your body to the point it doesn't work from injury! It should be sore from muscles working hard. If you can't jump simply perform quick squats or pivots instead of jumps. Always find a way to make your workouts work for YOU!

If at some point you want to increase the difficulty you can increase the number of sets each time up to 5! The idea is that you do as many as you can in each 15 second interval, add them up as you go to see if you can stay consistent.

Have fun with workouts and life! Yes, sweat and live happy.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking





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