Fall Down Seven Stand Up Eight

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At work by 8 am training yesterday, boot camp, yoga sessions, Go Girls class with young women learning fitness and yoga, clients who are becoming the best athlete possible, clients who are starting a journey, clients who have serious health problems just trying to survive; leave work at 7 pm. That is a snapshot of my day.

Listening last night to a snapshot of Dr. Eva Olsson's day was mind numbing. I think a person could listen to her talk fifty times, a hundred times and still never absorb a miniscule amount of the suffering and pain that she has endured, witnessed and survived. At the age of 91 she stood proudly and strongly at the front of the gym speaking to the group of people who really had come to witness history. I nearly went home after a long day but realized that in my lifetime I will never be able to hear another Holocaust survive speak in person again; it was the right decision.