Written by Lisa.

I am not going to start this off as the typical 'mother/ wife' biography of myself....

No, I am a passionate, hard working, honest, loving, caring, dedicated, motivational, adventurous, slightly competitive, athletic woman who is not afraid to try new things and go new places.

This would not have been me ten years ago!

I didn't dye my hair, I wore a t-shirt over my bathing suit, I didn't drink coffee, try any new foods, travel or even contemplate exercise let alone climbing mountains.

Nearly fourteen years ago, I married a man who was so supportive at the many "things" I have decided to do that when I mentioned I wanted to buy a weight bench he simply said "sure" - I'm positive he was thinking that it would last a month. Almost eleven years ago I gave birth to my daughter (and only eighteen months between children), so not much had recovered between each.  This set of circumstances setting me up to fall into the trap of being pregnant and not getting myself back...let alone my body.

Nearly fifteen years ago was when my whole world came crashing down.  I lost my father to colon cancer.  He was my rock, my friend, my mentor in life and it seemed nothing would make sense with him gone from this world. Bitterness followed me around for years about what he would miss and especially after the birth of our children did I become even more bitter....until one day I had my light bulb moment.

I worried about the house being clean, the kids being "perfect", my husband being who the world thought he should be.  Then, I heard Dr. Phil say on television that if you have ever felt completely out of control in your life that you will try to control everything within your power after that!

Whoa!  That was me! I sat in the kitchen chair and cried like a lost little girl - which I was at that point and until I discovered fitness and goal setting. Having a purpose in our lives is what many of us are missing and why we feel so lost. You don't get in your vehicle and sit in it without a destination in, you get in and decide to drive to an address or point on the map. Goals can be anything and not just fitness oriented.  Make them yours but make them purposeful with a date, time and place.

Today, I live my life with purpose. I am goal-oriented, happy and exploratory.  The dirty dishes in my sink can wait, as I jump on the trampoline with my kids, living each moment to the fullest. "I work hard and play even harder.....".

Some days, I spend long hours working but at the end of the day I still feel energized and peaceful that now, at this point in time, there is not much I would change in my life.

It has been my pleasure to introduce many clients over the years to this type of living and the effect on them has been profound. The effects have been far more wide reaching and profound than I could have ever predicted. Over the last decade, I have learned a lot and I have always been struck with the idea to share this with the world - which now, through technology. is absolutely possible!

So please look around the site. Enjoy what I and others have been privy to and experiencing.  Maybe one person at a time, instead of beating ourselves up about who we are not, we can become who we are truly!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


NAIT PFT Diploma

AFLCA Resistance Training Speciality