Written by Lisa.

I am not going to start this off as the typical 'mother/ wife' biography of myself....

No, I am a passionate, hard working, honest, loving, caring, dedicated, motivational, adventurous, slightly competitive, athletic woman who is not afraid to try new things and go new places.

This would not have been me ten years ago!

I didn't dye my hair, I wore a t-shirt over my bathing suit, I didn't drink coffee, try any new foods, travel or even contemplate exercise let alone climbing mountains.

Nearly fourteen years ago, I married a man who was so supportive at the many "things" I have decided to do that when I mentioned I wanted to buy a weight bench he simply said "sure" - I'm positive he was thinking that it would last a month. Almost eleven years ago I gave birth to my daughter (and only eighteen months between children), so not much had recovered between each.  This set of circumstances setting me up to fall into the trap of being pregnant and not getting myself back...let alone my body.