Zoot Zoot

Written by Lisa Stocking.

If you have a problem Zoot will solve it! Congratulations Zoot Shoes on excellent customer service! Very rarely do I send emails or even return products that I am unhappy with. The focus on the negativity that comes from complaining is draining and doesn't usually get me anywhere so I have started to do less of it.

However, I was devastated when my latest pair of Zoot running shoes came and they were nothing like the old ones. Nothing. If you have a favorite pair of shoes, jeans, shirt or anything you can relate to the frustration when a company completely changes a product and you purchase the newest model expecting possibly a flashier package but the same reliable feel!

My new shoes were not what I expected. They hurt my feet. Devastating to say the least.

So in a hurry I sent out an email to the customer service team that was not very positive but to the point.

I received a wonderful email back asking how they could help! And help they did. Since the new model is changed completely the representative was nice enough to find me two old versions that I love! Thanks Jenn!

That is how you resolve issues and retain customers! Two great experiences with customer service from different companies in one week! Awesome!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Tennis Anyone?

Written by Lisa Stocking.

Visit the website: www.thebiomechanicsmethod.com 

It has great resources, tools, videos and tips to stay moving, active and in less pain day to day!

All you need is a simple tool such as a tennis ball, baseball or any type of ball to make it happen!